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There are many ways for people to buy homes, even with a bad credit report. Use a little creativity to structure a legitimate deal that makes sense and complies with all of the lenders guidelines.

Prospective employers require your permission before requesting a credit report. Before you apply, be sure you've seen your credit report first, and dispute the information with the creditor or credit bureau if there is something on your credit report that is incorrect.

The FTC has published the final rule regarding free annual credit reports. People on the west coast may start requesting free credit reports in December. Others will need to wait up to 9 months longer. (Note: Free credit reports can already be obtained here, without waiting, as part of a credit bureau promotion.)

Preapproved credit vs. pre-qualified: There's a difference, and as many as 1 in 10 credit preapprovals is invalid. Check your own credit report to help avoid surprises.


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MERit Credit Systems is the industry leader in credit report & retrieval software as well as providing personal credit reports online for Equifax, Experian, TRW and TransUnion creditbureau information. If you have a need for instant credit reports to check history, background, collections, credit scoring, references, approving a new account for mortgages, auto loans, credit cards we invite you to consider MERit Credit Systems.

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