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Credit Reports from Experian, formerly TRW, are easy to retrieve with the Experian version of CREDITbase. What's more, CREDITbase can take an Experian credit report and reformat it in the style of a Trans Union or Equifax credit report, or our exclusive easy-to-read Quickscan reports. We handle all the popular Experian products and options, as listed here...
  • Address Update
  • Bullseye
  • Collection Report
  • Credit Profile
  • Decode
  • Employment Insight
  • Instant Update
  • Joint Reports
  • Social Search
  • Vehicle History Report
  • Vehicle History + Credit Profile
Credit Profile Options
  • Direct Check
  • FACS+
  • Risk Models
  • Demographics

Risk Models:

  • National Risk Model
  • TRW / MDS Bankruptcy Model
  • TRW / Fair Isaac Model
  • TRW / National Risk Score (New)
  • TRW / Equivalency Score (New)
  • TRW / Fair, Isaac Installment Model
  • TRW / Fair, Isaac Auto Model
  • TRW / Fair, Isaac Personal Finance Model
  • TRW / Fair, Issac Revenue Model
Experian products not mentioned here can be requested by entering the appropriate keywords in the on-screen credit application.

CREDITbase is one of the most often recommended software solutions for Experian. Look for the CREDITbase order form in the membership materials provided by Experian, or order directly from us.

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