Free credit report!

FREE creditreport and a free 30-day trial of CreditCheck® Monitoring Service! 

See what they see when you apply for credit, a rental, lease, or a job. Because it costs you nothing, this is an ideal starting point for learning about your own credit, and making sure that your information is being reported accurately. You get your actual credit report, absolutely free.

In addition, the CreditCheck® Monitoring Service includes..
  • Monthly automatic online notification
  • See your credit report online as often as you wish
  • Toll free telephone customer service
  • Monitoring of possible fraud and identity theft indicators
  • See who checks your credit
  • Alerts to new negative information
  • Exclusive members-only benefits

This is the best way to monitor your own progress in building or rebuilding credit, and to help detect fraud or identity theft before it ruins your credit.

The free credit report is yours to keep, even if you choose not to continue past  the 30 day trial.  Convenient secure online ordering.


Other free credit report possibilities

You can get up to one free credit report per year if any of the following apply:

You can also get a free credit report if a company or landlord made an unfavorable decision based on the contents of your credit report in the last 60 days, as in any of the following . 

Based on a credit report in the last 60 days...
  • You were declined for a loan, a lease, a new credit card, an installment purchase, cell phone service, etc.
  • You were rejected for employment.
  • You were denied insurance.
  • Were denied rental housing.

If any of the above happened in the last 60 days, based on the contents of your credit report, you can get a free copy of your credit report within 6 to 8 working days by mail.

The company that rejected your credit must tell you which creditbureau or agencies were used by them, and the phone numbers or addresses.  ("Serviced by" or "Consumer Relations Contact"  or "Consumer Assistance Contact" is listed at the bottom of their copy of the credit report.  The phone number and address varies by region of the country.)

Free credit reports are available upon request each year if you live in the following states.

Colorado, Georgia (2 free reports per year!), Massachusetts, Maryland, New Jersey, Vermont

Try these phone numbers:  Equifax: 1-800-685-1111, Experian (formerly TRW) 1 888-397-3742, Trans Union: 800-888-4213.

If you don't want to wait...

If you need to see your credit report immediately, here are some very low-cost alternatives:

Your Credit Report   See your single credit report instantly and securely in your browser. Save and print it or review it online up to 30 days. Personal info, credit history, public records, inquiries, and profile summary. Now only $7.95.   New - Get your  personalized credit analysis, and credit score too! Merged Report from all three (Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union) Credit Bureaus. This is the comprehensive one that mortgage lenders use when financing or refinancing a home as well as automobile dealers. You can see yours online here, in seconds for just  $34.95.  Includes your credit score!