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MERit Systems CREDITbaseä enhanced to automate exporting consumer credit report data to Mortgage Management Software.

TRI-Bureau Version 1.20 Automates Access to Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union for Users of Genesis 2000 for Windows or Calyx Software's POINT for Windows, the industry leaders in mortgage management software.

Glendora CA, CREDITbase, MERit Systems’ credit information access program, exports score model values, joint and merged tradeline data. This makes it possible for users of mortgage management programs, such as Genesis 2000 or POINT to automatically populate the mortgage loan application and to provide score models, such as Experian’s Fair, Isaac Model, Trans Union’s Emperica, or Equifax’s BEACON score for instant review or even automated analysis.

CREDITbase, a Windows-based program, is unique in its ability to use the System-to-System protocol when it accesses the three national credit bureaus. For instance, CREDITbase's AnyBureau technology lets it format data from any of the credit bureaus into reports in the style of any other credit bureau.

"This will save many hours of keyboard input, for credit grantors," said Robert Henry, Director of Marketing at MERit Systems. CREDITbase now offers interfaces to Calyx Software's POINT for Windows and Genesis 2000 for Windows.

The Import/Export Utility is available free of charge for owners of CREDITbase TRI-Bureau version 1.20 or later who also own Genesis 2000 for Windows, or POINT for Windows

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