Privacy Policy
If you are from a business, governmental, or financial institution and are requesting membership and pricing information, the response comes directly from Equifax, Experian formerly known as TRW, and/or Trans Union. MERit Systems, Inc. provides your information to no third parties other than those you request. If you have any questions regarding this web site, please contact the Webmaster

Personal on-line Credit reports

If you request a personal on-line credit report for yourself via links from our site, respecting your privacy is among our most important goals, and one we are committed to in all of our interactions with consumers. We recognize that our users are our most important asset, and we strive to protect their credit information at all times.

Only the personal information necessary to authenticate your identity and access your credit report from credit databases is requested. If personal information is requested, it is done to ensure you are the only person that accesses your credit report. Without this information we cannot deliver credit reports on-line. We feel strongly that our environment offers little value if members do not feel a sense of security and safety while here.

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